Chipotle Removed Pork From Their Menu Temporarily, So Naturally People Blamed Muslims

A pig is a filthy animal. Jules Winfield said it, I’ve seen it in the flesh, and plenty of religious folks feel the same way. That doesn’t stop me from trying some bacon and having a ham sandwich, but the fact remains that the animal rolls in its own shit.

Chipotle has pork on its menu, notably in its carnitas which comes in at 220 calories for just 4 ounces. It’s a popular item and when it goes missing, people notice. Just like they did earlier this week. From The Guardian:

Chipotle stopped selling pork at about a third of its outlets this week after concluding that part of its supply chain had failed to meet its progressive animal husbandry standards.

The chain promises diners that it only serves pork from pigs raised “outside or in deeply bedded pens” that are “never given antibiotics and are fed a vegetarian diet.” A routine audit of a major supplier on Friday uncovered violations, a restaurant spokesman told the Associated Press.

That’s a fine reason to pull an item and the chain has gone on record to call it a temporary situation. That hasn’t the outrage brigade from rising up to claim that Chipotle buckled under outside pressure to remove pork from their menu. Pressure that seems to be getting the brunt of the blame here in recent weeks:

“Do not eat at @ChipotleTweets,” wrote another user. “They have banned pork for Muslims. Doesn’t matter if Americans like pork. Spend your $ where they care. #tcot”

That’s right, Muslims got the blame for this because they don’t partake in swine digestion. It’s almost like a knee jerk at this point, with some folks blaming the first thing that pops into their goldfish sized brains.

It’s always bound to be something like Muslims, Obama, Homosexuals, hackers, or porn stars. That’s what is going to bring the downfall of everything they love. What happens when Gay Muslim Obama hacks the planet with his homemade porno? Do we all just lie down on the sidewalk like in that Radiohead video? I’ll probably be too busy choking on Chipotle to notice.

(Via The Guardian)