Feast Your Eyes On The Glory That Is The Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Tattoo

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Do you have a favorite recipe in your collection? Y’know, something you bust out with complete confidence in its quality and treasure as an important weapon in your culinary arsenal? If so, why not put that recipe on your body for the world to see? That’s the route one gentleman, the owner of the leg you see above, has gone in with his chocolate chip cookie instructions.

Reddit user Rudecarp shared this unique brand of snack immortalization after coming across a fella named Mango at a breast cancer walk. (As one is wont to do.) After all, why email the recipe to yourself or have it written down in a safe place, when you could have “2 1/4 cups of flour” inked on your body for life? We’re reasonably sure the hair and skin on Mango’s leg is strictly an element of the recipe recording surface and you do not have to get that in the batter too.

Let’s get to the important bit. Are these cookies worthy of a tattoo tribute? Rudecarp put the recipe to the test by baking the treat.

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“They’re very delicious,” Rudecarp told the people of Reddit. We may recommend consulting a dietitian before switching to an all-tattoo endorsed food philosophy, mind you.

(via Eater)