Chris Christie Explained His M&M Consumption Habits And Made Things Much Worse

NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - Notre Dame v North Carolina
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On Friday, March 25, 2016, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat the Wisconsin Badgers in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament. Now both teams have been eliminated from the final four, everyone’s bracket has gone to sh*t and nobody’s thinking twice about that night anymore. EXCEPT for one New Jersey governor who has chosen to let the night live on forever in the most comically splendid fashion imaginable.

While attending the game in Philadelphia, New Jersey Gov. and Donald Trump endorser Chris Christie did one of the most wonderfully confusing things we’ve ever seen, thrilling the likes of Uproxx’s own Pete Blackburn.

In the photo, Christie can be seen intently focused on pouring a BAG of M&Ms into A LARGER BOX OF M&Ms! As the tweet points out, it is “a savage and perplexing move.” Why on Earth would someone do this? What could possibly explain pouring a BAG of M&Ms into a BOX of M&Ms?

Well, speculate no more, folks. Former presidential primary candidate Chris Christie took to the airwaves on Wednesday morning to explain his savagely perplexing behavior. That’s right, like most serious politicians in the United States would be apt to do, Christie asked to be a guest on the Boomer & Carton show to explain his behavior.

Here’s the deal, according to Christie and other people. Sometimes M&Ms are sold in a box, and inside of that box, the M&Ms are in a bag. So Gov. Christie removed the bag and emptied it into the box. Now while this does eliminate some of the mystery, it’s still not totally clear as to why he didn’t just eat straight from the bag.

When asked about his container preference, Christie replied, “Because it’s easier to hold the box than to hold the bag.”

WOW! Mind-blowing stuff here. It’s taken us until this very moment to realize that bags ARE really hard to hold. That must be why you get boxes instead of bags when you go grocery shopping. And people carry around their phones, wallets, makeup, and other miscellaneous goodies in boxes, not handbags. Or for instance, when you travel, think about how much easier it would be to hold a box instead of a duffle bag. Why is this man not president?

Anyway, your logic is flawed, governor, and by the way you’re succeeding in making yourself infamous for the unimportant stuff, we’ll never forget.

(Via Gawker)