Chris Christie Falling Off A Chair Looped Over And Over And Set To ‘I’ll Tumble For Ya’

01.30.15 8 Comments

Earlier today during the Wing Bowl, Philadelphia’s debaucherous annual tribute to gluttony, local sports radio host Angelo Cataldi showed previously unreleased footage from June of New Jersey governor Chris Christie falling off a chair while entering the studio. What caused Cataldi to release the footage now, after over six months of sitting on it in silence, you ask? Well…

Cataldi, who lives in New Jersey, was appalled by Christie’s decision to cheer for his beloved Dallas Cowboys in owner Jerry Jones’ box during the team’s playoff run, including during Week 15’s Cowboys-Eagles game in Philadelphia. [CBS]


Above, please find the clip of Christie’s fall looped over and over and over, set to “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya.” Have a great day.

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