An MSNBC Anchor Mopped The Floor With Chris Christie For Attempting To ‘Clean The Trump Stink Off,’ Too Little And Too Late

Chris Christie’s past four years have been quite an adventure, to say the least. He went from a Trump rival in the primaries to a Hostage Face mascot to McDonald’s fetching manservant and, finally, a trusted Trump surrogate for years. Small moments aside, it really wasn’t until Christie caught COVID-19 that he started pushing back at Trump’s policies and admitting that it was mistake to not wear a mask in public. Subsequently, Christie has been very vocal in urging Trump to stop pushing voter-fraud conspiracies and attempting a coup, but one MSNBC anchor isn’t afraid to say that she’s not buying it.

After the 1:10 mark in the above video, Nicolle Wallace starts to call Christie out for not distancing himself from Trump until recently (and while Christie apparently positions himself for a 2024 run). The discussion began with Christie expressing his belief that Trump would leave the White House on January 20 without incident because that’s what’s good for the U.S., and then Wallace got real with Christie, accusing him of simply polishing himself up faster than the rest of the GOP while distancing himself from Trump.

“It is my sense, and I know you said in an interview with Hugh Hewitt, you haven’t ruled out a run in 2024. I don’t remember you coming out and forcefully pushing back against Donald Trump’s comments on the Access Hollywood tape. I didn’t hear you, after he called African nations ‘bleep-hole nations.’ I didn’t hear you distance yourself from this president at any point until the target for his ire and lawlessness was the democracy you haven’t ruled out leading in four years. Are you simply making a political calculation that you could clean the Trump stink off you faster than Marco Rubio or some of the other competitors?”

Yeah, that left a mark, and people noticed.

In response, Christie simply asserted that he made the right decision back in 2016 before he chose Trump over Hillary Clinton. “I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton today, if that choice were to be made,” he explained while also arguing that he stood up for former AG Jeff Sessions. It’s quite a deflection. Watch the full video at the top of this post.