CNN’s Chris Cuomo Ridicules Trump’s ‘Sippy Cup’ Approach To Drinking Water

When Donald Trump gave his big national security speech on Monday, as usual, the content of his remarks were once again overshadowed by one of his weird gaffes. This time, Trump paused his speech to take a sip of water, but awkwardly picked up the tiny glass with two hands to drink from it. The president’s water break was also a topic of conversation on CNN’s New Day on Tuesday morning, as hosts Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo added their two cents.

The president reached for a glass of water during his national security speech and Twitter took note,” Camerota said, holding back laughter. “It has led to comparisons of how the president needs two hands, apparently, to drink from a water bottle,” she continued, referring back to when Trump did the same thing during a speech last month.

“This was an even smaller glass, yesterday when he used two hands. I believe last time you called it the baby grip?” she asked Cuomo. “Well that is the sippy cup grip that you’re using right now,” he said, as Camerota demonstrated for the viewers at home. Pointing out that he drinks water from an actual vase — which, to be fair, is also a bit odd — Cuomo continued, “And I hold it with one hand, like a man. But you know, that’s me.”

Neither of the hosts pointed out why a grown man would need two hands to hold a small cup of water, but … you know, the implication is there.