Chris Evans Frags Zombies In The Full Trailer For ‘Call Of Duty Online’

A week ago we saw a brief teaser for Call Of Duty Online starring Chris Evans, and now the full trailer for the China-only January 11th release has found its way online. Reports The Wrap:

The commercial follows a group of hotel staffers sneaking off for gaming excitement, when Evans drops in for bicep-flexing, rope-swinging, surface-to-air missile launching and the like.

The hybrid will combine characters from game iterations like Modern Warfare, Ghost and Advanced Warfare, according to publisher Activision. In-game purchases will be available for avatar and weapons upgrades.

That hybridization would help explain why cheap CGI zombies and a huge monster inexplicably show up half-way through a live-action gunfight. But it still isn’t odd to see Chris Evans in this, even if he is shooting low-budget zombies. Previous Call Of Duty ads have starred Robert Downey Jr., Taylor Kitsch, Emily Ratajkowski, Kevin Spacey, and Megan Fox. None of them got to carry around a FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missile launcher, though.