Chris Evans Has Addressed His ‘Embarrassing’ Weekend In His First Interview Since *That* Photo

“America’s ass” is so last year. In 2020, America’s all about another body part.

Over the weekend, Chris Evans distracted us from everything bad in the world by accidentally sharing a photo of his… y’know. His Marvel co-stars and brother have cracked jokes about the NSFW pic, and Evans himself had a pretty great (and useful) response to Twitter’s penis envy. But it wasn’t until Tuesday’s episode of the Tamron Hall Show that the Knives Out star addressed his moment of non-sweater-based virality.

Evans called everyone in the world seeing his junk “embarrassing,” but “you gotta roll with the punches. I have some pretty fantastic fans who came to my support.” He also said it was an “interesting weekend full of lessons learned, a lot of teachable moments,” and when asked by Hall about his “now that I have your attention” tweet, Evans joked, “That’s called turning a frown upside down.” Watch the interview below.

Evans’ Twitter bio includes a link to his website A Starting Point, which aims to “create a bipartisan channel of communication and connectivity between Americans and their elected officials with the goal of creating a more informed electorate.” There are no dick pics (you have to go literally every other website on the internet for those), but it’s still worth checking out.

(Via Page Six)

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