First Look At Chris Hemsworth On The Set Of 'Thor 2: The Dark World'

Filming for Thor 2: The Dark World started at the Bourne Woods, Surrey, set on Monday. We already posted some pictures of Jaimie Alexander as Sif battling Marauders on horseback, and now we have the first pictures of Chris Hemsworth and his new Thor armor.

So what’s different? For starters, the cape fasteners are less elaborate, allowing more of the cape to come over the shoulders. The design of the armor vest has also been slightly changed to take out some of the curved lines. The six circles metal circles down the front of the vest seem to be a deeper gold color, and new leg plates have been added, including new plates over the knees. There’s also a new hanging plate in the front. [Blastr]

I didn’t notice much of a difference, probably because Jaimie Alexander is on a horse in the last picture and it’s mesmerizing. I’m also curious about the guy in the big leather helmet that looks like the Creature From The Black Lagoon. What’s his story?
We also have a video below, which I’m only including because it’s hilariously terrible and obnoxious as hell. They keep interrupting the footage with constant stimulation, and the guy putting on a fake announcer voice refers to Sif as “the goddess of Asgard” and says he doesn’t know if she’ll be Chris Hemsworth’s romantic interest. Gah. You suck, celebrity news videos. Let’s do a blind item where I blind you with an item, and then we guess which celebrities also own that item.
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Thor will straight-up curb stomp a Marauder. You don’t even know.