Folks Are Curious About Chris Miller’s ‘Star Wars’ Quote On Twitter Following His Exit From The ‘Han Solo’ Film

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If it wasn’t clear that folks are clamoring for some sort of answer following Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s exit from the Han Solo solo film, one simple tweet is now counting as a comment on the firing. And it could be, who knows? It’s definitely strange that a two word tweet would inspire articles like this one, but that’s exactly where we are because it references the scene above.

It could mean a lot of different things given who is sending the tweet, the context of the moment, and it’s meaning in the scene from A New Hope. Is a sly reference to “improvising” and the trouble involved with it when there’s a lot at stake? Or maybe it’s a reference that Han Solo does improvise, even if his most famous “improvised” line isn’t actually improvised at all. Or perhaps it’s just Miller’s way of literally saying things are well, even if he had a stumble thanks to to this project. He also found time to tell people to go see Baby Driver, so not everything should set off alarm bells.

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