Chrissy Teigen And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Made Plans Online To Watch The Grammys And Eat Pizza Together

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Celebrities: They’re just like us! If you’ve ever made plans in the public wilds of social media, for everyone to see, then take heart: Chrissy Teigen and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez do it, too.

On Friday afternoon, the model and author decided to up and reach out to hero, namely the newly sworn-in New York representative and eternally bemused scourge of the right-wing. But Teigen didn’t just say hey or thanks. She was a little forward: She asked her to hang out for the Grammys.

AOC isn’t too big for Chrissy Teigen, right? After all, they’re both mighty vanquishers of online trolls. (In Teigen’s case, she was besieged by potentially prison-bound and almost certainly bad liar Jacob Wohl, whom she handled with aplomb and a savage wit.)

Alas, this meeting of the minds may not have been meant to be. TMZ managed to run into Teigen and her husband, John Legend, and asked them the burning question about an AOC hang. “We can only hope,” Legend said after a laugh. Teigen added that she’s “much more busy” than them on the big night. And it’s true: AOC may be a bit too busy denouncing ICE, hashing out the Green New Deal, and deducing exactly how messed-up campaign finance laws in this country truly are.

But who knows! Maybe they can at least FaceTime while complaining about all the big musicians who are skipping the ceremony altogether.

(Via TMZ)