Chrissy Teigen Answers Your Most Googled Questions About Her

03.08.16 3 years ago 6 Comments

Admit it: At some point this year, you’ve Googled “chrissy teigen.” Or maybe “chrissy teigen pregnant.” Or perhaps “chrissy teigen john legend cute couple why isn’t my relationship as adorable as theirs.” (No, I don’t want to see your other Chrissy Teigen Google searches, and yes, you’re a pervert.)

She’s been everywhere lately, dressing up as Guy Fieri, responding to body shamers, and feuding with Floyd Mayweather. Teigen even has a cookbook coming out soon, which she wrote the way she speaks, “even if it defied grammar,” the Lip Sync Battle co-host told SELF in a new interview.

The book is a mixture of family dishes and others she “woke up thinking about,” like, “What if we breaded a chicken with all the flavors in an everything bagel?” She put a “Chrissy spin” on all the recipes, including her favorite tuna casserole with a crunchy topping made of Tim’s Cascade Style jalapeño chips, and another for roasted bacon, which she swears “tastes perfect and doesn’t crinkle up.”

Teigen also answered your most Googled questions, including:

  • Does Chrissy Teigen have siblings?
  • Does Chrissy Teigen drink?
  • Does Chrissy Teigen ombre?
  • Does Chrissy Teigen have a tattoo?

There’s one question she doesn’t answer, though:

I’ll answer that for her. Yes.

(Via SELF)

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