Chrissy Teigen Loves John Goodman As Much As You’ll Love These Chrissy Teigen Photos

It was the moment that Chrissy Teigen threw out the first pitch of a baseball game drunk that I knew I really liked her. It was the moment that Chrissy Teigen namedropped Larry David and John Goodman to Esquire that I knew I loved her. She’s the magazine’s “A Women We Love” pick for September, which I’m assuming is just an excuse to take photos of her while she’s mowing the lawn in her bathing suit, for some reason. Oh, and to discuss gazpacho and cheese. And Larry and John.

She was on the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, butt-to-butt-to-butt with Lily Aldridge and Nina Agdal on a beach. (This despite the fact that she’s not a beach person and thinks “sand is disgusting. I get all Larry David at the beach and want every piece of sand off me.”)

And despite her Twitter feed, there is plenty that she loves. Her dogs, including her bulldog Puddy, who recently lost control of his bowels on a flight to Los Angeles and forced her to put his fecal matter in her purse and later hold his doggy butt over the toilet. She loves John Goodman. (“I feel like part of me will die when John Goodman dies.”)

Hey Chrissy, if ever you wanna eat cheese and watch reruns of Roseanne, hit me up.

Via Esquire