Chrissy Teigen Brutally Mocks Katrina Pierson, Who Takes It As A Compliment

Getty Image / CNN

On Sunday night, much of the internet witnessed (and obsessed over) Rihanna and Drake’s awkward non-kiss at the VMAs. But the spectator sport known as Twitter was brewing quite another showdown, even if one of the participants didn’t grasp what was happening.

Chrissy Teigen hasn’t hopped into many feuds lately, although her knockout with Floyd Mayweather was one for the ages. But like many people, Teigen’s grown aware of Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson’s disastrous cable-news appearances, so the model couldn’t resist some commentary. Teigen engaged the time-bender, and it wasn’t a friendly affair. Pierson regularly defends the real-estate mogul’s morphing stances while refusing to see the truth, but here, she didn’t feel Teigen hitting her over the head with it.

Teigen started off by likening herself to Pierson but also calling her “an incredibly horrible choice” to represent a presidential nominee.

She then described Pierson as a soul-seller who was “just so strong” for being able to tolerate her job. The mocking continued with Teigen’s sarcastic praise of Pierson as “an inspiration” for being able to keep a straight face while spinning lies. Mind you, Donald Trump doesn’t understand sarcasm either, and Pierson fits right in with her boss.

Teigen then took the mocking to a new level by posting a clip of The Office‘s Darryl Philbin character telling Michael Scott that he’s the protagonist of Braveheart.

Well, Pierson noticed, retweeted, and issued a reply that reflects one of three possibilities: (1) She missed Teigen’s first tweets; (2) She chose to ignore them; or (3) She failed to grasp that she was being insulted. Here’s a tweet of Pierson thanking Teigen and admitting that her favorite movie is Braveheart.

Since we’re talking about someone who isn’t phased when people outright laugh at her on live television, this result was inevitable. Quite simply, Pierson was outmatched by Teigen, who continued to “commend” Pierson for rising to the level of campaign spokesperson. And Pierson retweeted that too.