A Christian Blogger Vows To Stop Wearing Yoga Pants So She Won’t ‘Entice’ Men

Earlier this month, Veronica Partridge — a wholesome Christian blogger who probably thinks the Partridge Family lived in a van that ran on ass, grass, and sin — wrote the following on her website: “God really changed my heart in the midst of that conversation and instead of ignoring my convictions, I figured it was time I start listening to them and take action.” What do you think she’s referring to? Sons of Anarchy? Kids today with their rock and/or roll music? Butt stuff?

Wrong. But if you guessed “yoga pants,” ding ding ding, you have an outrage.

Partridge, who lives in “God’s country” (Oregon?), has chosen to no longer wear “thin, form-fitting yoga pants or leggings in public,” only “in the comfort of my own home or if I am wearing a shirt long enough to cover my rear end.” She made the decision for her main squeeze: God.

Also, her husband.

I went home later that day and shared the convictions I was having with my husband. Was it possible my wearing leggings could cause a man, other than my husband, to think lustfully about my body? I asked my husband his thoughts on the matter when he got home. I appreciated his honesty when he told me, “yeah, when I walk into a place and there are women wearing yoga pants everywhere, it’s hard to not look. I try not to, but it’s not easy.” […]

I also want to set the best example of how to dress for my daughter. I want her to know, her value is not in the way her body looks or how she dresses, but in the character and personality God has given her. I have been following the vow I made to myself for the past couple of weeks now and though it may be difficult to find an outfit at times, my conscience is clear and I feel I am honoring God and my husband in the way I dress. (Via)

That post on her inspirational blog, which otherwise includes articles with headlines like, “We’re Watching Our Dreams Become A Reality,” has over 800 comments, most of which fall into two camps: you go girl, or yoga pants pics or it didn’t happen. There’s also a subset of people hitting on her husband, which probably isn’t what Partridge was going for.


Via BuzzFeed