Christie Brinkley’s Beach Vacation Is Guaranteed To Melt Your Pre-Winter Chill

As portions of the United States (including the Great Plains) suffer through the first ice storm of winter, downed power lines only contribute to the misery wrought by bone-chilling temperatures. Those dealing with the discomfort will agree that a beach vacation sounds terribly nice. Heck, that sounds amazing any time of year, and luckily, Christie Brinkley is here to help. The supermodel recently visited the Caribbean with friends and family, and she posted a score of bikini photos that could warm anyone’s insides.

While it may feel gratuitous to gaze upon bikini photos, let’s think of the situation from a practical standpoint. The sheer power of the sun, the sea, and Brinkley’s smile stretch far beyond the physical confines of these pictures. Did you notice how she’s using the #TimelessBeauty hashtag? Not only is the label completely accurate (the lady is 61 years old and still looks 30), but Brinkley is also shilling her own Timeless Beauty book. The tome will dish on anti-aging secrets and promises to be “the book that every woman will want to own and share with her friends.” Well, I’m not sure about that guarantee, but these bikini photos will definitely cause some serious beach envy.

Let’s all head to the Caribbean now, shall we? Hop right in, the water’s fine.

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