Christoph Waltz And Quentin Tarantino Also Win The Best Post-Oscars Memes

Quentin Tarantino and Christoph Waltz have been front and center for months now thanks to the blood soaked glory that is Django Unchained, but they’ve never been more front and center than they were on Sunday night when they each won Oscars for the film. And when you’re that public one thing happens: memes. Now, I loathe the idea of revisiting an awards show more than twenty-four hours after it happens, but to share these gems I’ll make an exception.

First we have First World Celebrity Problems Christoph Waltz, recently created in r/AdviceAnimals by piggybacking one of my all-time favorite self-loathing memes. Unfortunately Oscar Waltz is the only variation I’ve come across so far, but this thing has big potential. I’m thinking “Something something I thought I would be the only one with a beard.” That easy.

And for an after the jump encore we have the Tarantino bombshell that you’ll never be able to unsee…

Only Really High Guy would realize excessive use of the n-word would win him an Oscar. It all makes so much sense. Thank you, internet. You’ve opened my eyes once again.