Cinema Sins Takes ‘Godzilla’ Behind The Gigantic Woodshed

Godzilla has truly great monster fights, beautiful cinematography, Bryan Cranston and almost nothing else to recommend it. So, it’s time for a Cinema Sins beatdown, even if Honest Trailers beat them to it.

Honestly, this mostly just points out the standard cliches we ignore to have fun at the movies, the usual modus operandi for this series. And personally, I still want an explanation as to why the MUTOs so conveniently had EMP powers. If they evolved to fight Godzilla, which it pretty much would have to be since they didn’t have helicopters millions of years ago, why do they have no effect on him? It’s pretty bad when a movie that features a happy moment is more logically consistent than your multi-million dollar effects extravaganza.

That said, why we forgive this movie can be summed up in one GIF: