Civilization V: Gods & Kings Lets you Wage Holy War and Plant Tulips

Civilization V was a nice rethinking of a lot of the Civilization series’ fundamentals. Combat actually worked! Gold was actually useful for something! That said, it also felt a little stripped down. The upcoming Civ V expansion Gods & Kings looks to beef things up again, by reintroducing religion and espionage. It will also add nine new civilizations to the mix.

Hit the jump for a video introduction to some of the new civilizations and leaders found in Civilization V: Gods & Kings…

I really like how unique the new civs look. You can plant tulips as the Netherlands! The Huns get a battering ram! This is the kind of thing that warms my bitter Civ-loving heart. Civilization V: Gods & Kings is coming out June 19th.

via Kotaku