Just In Time For Halloween Night: The Claire Daines Cry Face Mask Is Now A Reality

I just recently completed my binge on the first season of Homeland (direct orders from the folks at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, next up: Jon Cryer entire catalog). Going into it I was certain the internet’s fascination with Claire Danes cry face (previously: here and here) was overblown the way the internet has a tendency to occasionally overblow things, but sure enough Claire — Holla — Danes and her perpetual quivering chin more than held up their end of the bargain. I pity her husband because she must win every argument ever.

So just in time for Halloween night our good buddy Jon Defreest has completed the Claire Danes cry face mask for Vulture so that all you costume procrastinators/fans of acclaimed dramas can pull something together at the last moment. Download the printable version here.And if anyone is interested in seeing my cry face over the next week spoil the first few episodes of Season 2 for me before I get to them.

Jon Defreest & Vulture