At Long Last, The Claire Danes Cry Face Supercut That Just Had To Happen

A few months back I was walking to the coffee shop down the street from my place that I walk to and from 2-3 times each day to get coffee. Along the way there’s a popular little breakfast joint where there are always people standing around outside waiting for tables, and next to the popular breakfast joint is a big house whose owner has a Great Dane named Cletus. Cletus is exceedingly loveable and friendly, and when he’s outside people waiting on tables at the aforementioned breakfast joint will often go over to the front gate of the house to pet him. As you might imagine, Cletus and I have become quite friendly, seeing as though I pass his place often. When he sees me he’ll often run over to the fence and position himself in a manner that allows me to scratch his back. Cletus likes to have his back scratched.

Anyway, one day I was walking to get coffee and Cletus saw me and ran over so I stopped for a minute to pet him and scratch his back. While I was doing this, a female approached from over my left shoulder and joined in on the Cletus-petting. She and I began talking without me turning away from Cletus as we both scratched his back. When I finally pulled back I looked up to see that the female I’d been conversing with while scratching Cletus’ back was Claire Danes. I was dressed in gym shorts, an old t-shirt and flip-flops — I’m sure I left a lasting impression. Meanwhile, she was lovely and pleasant and beautiful and her face looked nothing like this…

Now, via Slacktory, enjoy the Claire Danes cryface supercut embedded above, won’t you?

(Via Slacktory)