Here’s Clay Aiken Proving That Anyone Can Run For Congress In America

In news that feels straight out of an Onion article, Clay Aiken will run for Congress for, um, well, he states why in the video above. It ranges from his Dad beating up his Mom, how he was a special education teacher, and wait, is that house pink?

He hits all of the political talking points that include downing his opponent, listing off his resume, and God. GOD!!! God is the reason he is a moral person. That’s nice. Do you know why I’m moral? Jail. The number one goal in my life is to avoid jail. Number 2? Probably go to that Harry Potter amusement park and drink Butterbeer. I wonder how his opponent feels about the American Idol runner-up? Via HyperVocal:

Aiken will run in North Carolina’s 2nd District against two-term Rep. Renee Ellmers, who last week went on local WMAL and slammed Aiken: “Apparently his performing career is not going so well. He’s very bored.”

Yeah, what do you do when you feel completely useless in your life? Run for Congress. When it comes to being completely useless, Congress is the best at that.

Via HyperVocal, Clay Aiken’s YouTube