Clear Lines: 12 Reasons Why Emily Ratajkowski Is 2013's Kate Upton

07.30.13 5 years ago 72 Comments

Emily Ratajkowski

It’s exceedingly obvious to anyone who’s been near a radio since March, but Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” is really popular. Like, all-time, record-setting popular. Interscope Records reports that the Pharrell-produced single “has reached the largest radio audience of all-time, with 242.65 million pairs of ears reached,” shattering the old record of 188.8. It’s completely unavoidable, but amazingly, the Blurred Lines album only came out today.

But really, it’s all about that one song, and more specifically, its music video, in which Thicke, Williams, and T.I. flirt with three female models, one of whom has set the Internet on fire. Her name is Emily Ratajkowski and judging by her Tumblr presence, she’s very popular. In fact, she might be 2013’s answer to the glorious Kate Upton.

1. She’s very GIF-able. (Like Kate)

blurred lines car


2. Very, very GIF-able.



3. The sign of being a successful model: doing a terrible photo shoot that you’ll one day regret.

emily gun


4. Not immune to hipster nonsense. (Like Kate)

emily smoking


5. It’s really tough finding photos of Emily that you can use online without an NSFW warning. (Like Kate)



6. AMERICA. (Like Kate)

emily america


7. A must-follow Instagram. (Like Kate)

emily instagram


8. Filmed a commercial for Carl Jr.’s, the favorite restaurant of all models. (Like Kate)

emily burger


9. Looks her best when she’s at her messiest.

emily hair


10. I don’t know, but OK! (Like Kate)



11. Can pull off even the most ridiculous of outfits.

emily overalls


12. Did I mention she’s GIF-able?

emily gif


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