A ‘Clown Lives Matter’ March Is Being Held In Arizona To Protest Creepy Clown Sightings

Creepy clown hysteria has gotten to the point that we can’t go a day anymore without hearing about at least a half dozen instances of clown sightings and clown threats, which have schools across the country on lockdown. This is despite the fact that most of the clown activity is still largely comprised of hoaxes, such as the child in the above video who seems to be clearly lying about a scratch on his arm that he claims was from a clown cutting him with a knife.

It’s gotten to the point that real, actual clown are starting to feel persecuted by this whole thing, which is why some people are organizing a peaceful “clown lives matter” march in Tucson, Arizona next Saturday, October 15, where participants are encouraged to show up wearing clown makeup or masks. Nikki Sinn, the organizer of the event, who appears to perhaps be a Juggalo, wrote in a now-deleted Facebook flyer, “This is a peaceful walk to show clowns are not psycho killers. We want the public to feel safe and not be afraid. So come out, bring the family, meet a clown and get a hug!”

Of course, the inherent problem with this “clown lives matter” business is that it’s extremely insensitive to the Black Lives Matter movement, as Rev. Reginald Walton, the chairman of the Arizona Black Lives Matter campaign, pointed out.

“The recent events in this country involving clowns has gripped the nation and caused an epidemic of fear,” Walton said. “The notion of a Clown Lives Matter rally is insensitive, as the issue of police brutality and violence is a serious issue and the clown issue is not as important.

“The Clown Lives Matter rally takes away the focus of a serious issue in this country that we are working with law enforcement and the community to resolve.”

In the below interview, Sinn claims that the name behind her movement is “innocent” and that she wants everyone to know that there are clowns who make a living off of what they do, which seems like she’s still missing the point. Whether or not the rally will actually go on as planned is another story.

(Via USA Today, ABC 15 Arizona)