Are These Provocative Ads For Coca-Cola’s New Milk Product Sexist?

If you haven’t heard of Fairlife, Coca-Cola’s unexpected new “premium milk brand,” you’re about to. Because the brand just unveiled a provocative new ad campaign featuring naked pin-up girls wearing nothing but splashed-on milk and taglines like “Drink What She’s Wearing.”

We covered many of the shots last year, when photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz was prepping them for his 2014 “Milky Pin Ups” calendar, but now that they’ve been repurposed to lead a campaign for Coke’s “innovative ultra-filtered milk,” the photos are making serious headlines. Here’s a sample of the campaign at work:

The Guardian says the ads are “just another example of the sexualisation of women for commercial gain,” while The Daily Dot tracked Twitter users tossing around terms like “sexist rubbish” and “arguably the worst ad campaign I’ve ever seen.”

Here’s a selection of the original photographs, printed with permission from Wieczorkiewicz. What do you think? Should Coca-Cola be using the imagery to sell milk? Or should we be more concerned that Coke is producing a milk product?