Colin Furze Is Back, And He’s Got ‘Magneto Shoes’

You might remember Colin Furze from his air-powered Wolverine claws, or the insane series of vehicles he built that nearly got him thrown in jail. His latest invention is a tribute to the master of magnetism, and will also probably be seen on Archer next season.

As you might guess, ‘Magneto Shoes’ stick to things. Quite effectively, too, as you can see from his demonstration video.

As far as we can tell, he’s got some strong battery-powered electromagnets in those shoes, and basically ratchets himself into them. Then just disengage the magnet, “step”, and you’ve got ‘Magneto shoes.’

Furze admits it’s not Magneto’s powers. But considering that in the latest issue of Magneto’s solo book said “underpowered” mutant eviscerates three people with barbed wire, we’re kinda OK with Furze not figuring that one out.