This College Student’s Attempt To Jump For Joy Went Horribly Awry

graduation caps

A girl taking part in a graduation photo shoot, something every young high school or college student enjoys, didn’t anticipate that the fun experience would result in a long term injury. Chelsea Whitfield, gearing up for all the excitement of her college graduation, decided that her photo shoot was going to go perfectly and include all of the normal tropes that are included in such an event. Pairing her cap and gown with cute heels? Check. Making sure she got in a work out and went for a spray tan beforehand? Check. A broken foot to go with all of the great photos? An unexpected obstacle.

Chelsea’s photoshoot got derailed when she tried to do the classic “jump for joy” graduation photo. Luckily she decided to take off her high heels first, but unluckily that didn’t help her much and she broke some bones in her foot on the way back down. She appears to be great at turning lemons into lemonade though, as she kept the photo shoot going through her treatment for the break and on to a little bit of champagne on the couch at home post-health clinic. With an assist from her boyfriend, who posted the photos to Reddit, she can now remember her embarrassing injury as a fun viral moment.

Hopefully she’ll be fully healed up by the time her actual graduation day comes around and use the broken bone as a reminder to only do cute jumpy photos on grass or other soft surfaces.

(via Buzzfeed News)