College Students Pelt A Robot With Dodgeballs For Science!

If you want to do something a robot can’t, all you need to do is take a walk. Bipedal locomotion is more of a controlled fall than anything else, and robots don’t like falling. They also don’t like getting hammered by dodgeballs, but science is cruel.

According to Popular Science, Oregon State University has been building ATRIAS, a bipedal robot, for a while, and they’re just now testing it out on terrain and facing the kinds of day-to-day challenges one expects from living on a college campus, like folk music that sounds like a ukulele being fed into a blender and impromptu games of dodgeball. ATRIAS, however, is already getting his revenge:

Soon, the robots won’t just deflect the dodgeballs at our heads. They’ll be throwing the dodgeballs. They will march across the world, bouncing dodgeballs off our skulls, building better and more powerful dodgeball cannons. We hope you’re happy, Oregon State.

(Source: Popular Science, Oregon State University)