Two Colombian Models Allegedly Kidnapped A Competitor Under Bizarre Circumstances

Sisters Yeimi and Claudia Rey work as successful Colombian models. They’re swimsuit-oriented, very beautiful, and — according to a fellow model — very dangerous. Of course, this reputation depends upon allegations made by Carolina Munoz. This third lady, a rising model whose pictures aren’t splashed all over social media, admits to tossing photos of the Rey sisters all over Twitter. They also post their own photos, but Munoz admits creating troll accounts and filling them with the sisters’ pre-plastic surgery pictures. The Reys were reportedly so upset that they took drastic measures to get even.

Munoz recounts how Yeimi (who was detained at a Bogota airport) and Claudia took revenge by kidnapping Munoz and torturing her. Munoz describes her ordeal:

“They bit me, tortured me, they pulled my hair, cut off my clothes, they left me bald, they electrocuted me. They told me they were going to kill me, that they knew very powerful people and wouldn’t be sent to jail, that I was the one who would end up losing and next time they will throw acid on my face and destroy my life.”

Munoz says the two sisters ripped her clothes off, took photos (which allegedly made it to social media), and left her on the side of the road. In addition, Munoz claims she only created the fake Twitter accounts after the sisters shamed her first. The two sisters reportedly crashed their car after dumping Munoz, and they were arrested and released. Yeimi remains in custody after the second arrest, but Claudia is roaming free and evading an arrest warrant.

This story is absolutely batsh*t and sounds like a crazy, B-movie revenge plot. Who knows how much of it is true, but here are some photos of the Rey sisters in much happier times.

They seem nice. Er, perhaps not, but this story is so wild that someone will eventually make a movie. Or a music video?

(Via Metro UK and BroBible)