Colorado Is Using Talking Urinal Cakes To Curb Drunk Driving

The Colorado Department of Transportation has been pushing an Interactive Urinal Cake that will hopefully convince bar patrons who have been doing a little too much boozing to reconsider getting behind the wheel. Now, when guys walk into the men’s restroom at their favorite local watering holes, instead of just the sound of their own streams and/or one of those annoying video advertisement screens, they’ll hear another man’s voice, judging them by how accurate their urinary marksmanship is.

According to Denver Westword, the CDOT believes that these IUCs are working, as this year’s Labor Day period featured just 1,342 drunk driving arrests compared to last year’s 1,440, but the folks at Denver’s 9 News also recently reported that the IUCs aren’t going over very well with bar folk. In fact, one restaurant claimed that an IUC was thrown in the trash while another reported one stolen.

Because what drunk doesn’t want to stick his hand into a public urinal and retrieve something that everyone else has been peeing on so he can take it home to entertain his friends?

(Original banner via Shutterstock)