Colts-Patriots Playoffs Live Blog, Second Half

The second offensive snap of the game saw Andrew Luck stare down a receiver and throw it to New England DB Alsonzo Dennard, who the Patriot Way couldn’t save from getting a DUI but helped him nearly get a pick-six. The next play, LeGarrette Blount had his first of three two-yard touchdown runs of the half.

Indy responded with the next tick upward in incompetence, with a three-and-out instead of a turnover. Patriots then went 74 yards for a score to go up 14-0, again with a Blount TD, the most notable play being a 3rd and 3 conversion to Danny Amendola on a very impressive Tom Brady throw that narrowly threaded through multiple defenders.

The Colts got on the board thans to a LaVon Brazill 38-yard touchdown after a third down conversion to Griff Whalen on a pass that sputtered out of Luck’s hand. Patriots were finally stymied with a three and out concluding with a Brady sack. Just when the Colts seemed to seize momentum, they quickly gave it back, leading to a third Blount TD of the half at the end of a 75-yard drive.

The Colts chipped into it a little with a field goal, then the Pats were stopped on offense. On the ensuing punt, the snap was launched over Patriots punter Ryan Allen’s head. Instead of kicking it out of the back of the end zone, he attempted to pull a Garo Yepremian and pick it up and throw it. Lucky for Allen, he fumbled before he could get the pass off. The fumble was knocked out of the back of an end zone for a safety instead of the Colts touchdown that might have been.

Nevertheless, there was Dierdorf trying to argue that Allen did the right thing, which was predictably moronic for Dierdorf in his final game as a broadcaster. That Andrew Luck scuttled the next drive with another interception only served to confirm how wrong Dierdorf was and the half ended at that 21-12 score.