The Most Hated Company In America Somehow Isn’t Comcast

Despite getting a customer fired from his job, purposely keeping callers on hold until closing time, and inspiring subscribers to resort to gunplay, Comcast is not the most unpopular household brand in the country according to the latest American Consumer Satisfaction Index.

But it’s close! Says MarketWatch:

The honor goes to Time Warner Cable Internet Service Provider, which placed last on the list of the Dec. 2014 University of Michigan’s American Consumer Satisfaction Index. On a list of 230 household brands surveyed, TWC scored 54 out of a possible 100, just behind Time Warner Cable’s television service (56), Comcast ISP (57) and United Airlines (60).

The stink on the Time Warner name is so strong that separate TWC-labeled brands secured the two worst scores on the index. That’s an impressive feat of sh*ttiness. No wonder Comcast is so eager to finalize that awful merger.

Wal-Mart was the most unpopular retailer on the list, with an index score of 71.