Watch A Comedian Unleash A Devastating Kick To This Heckler’s Stomach

Rade Zone is apparently an infamous heckler/comedian that prowls the Las Vegas comedy scene. When we start into the video, Rade is arguing with the host of the comedy festivities at a place called the Beat Coffeehouse. Mr. Zone makes the mistake of shoving the host with his left hand, and the comedian reacts by telling him that he would regret incurring physical contact if he did it again.

Well, a few moments after Rade — he’s the gentleman wearing the tin foil hat — walks off, the comedian insults him. Rade, seemingly having enough of the young man’s comments, make a beeline for the host but before he can get into striking distance, he’s met with a ferocious front kick to what looks like the sternum/upper stomach. The blow is enough to knock Rade down, and immediately you can hear him yelling for an ambulance.

There are a few lessons here. One: never trust a man wearing a tin foil hat rushing at you in economic fashion — kick that man. Two: when you’re spending your time at a nearly empty coffeehouse on comedy night in Las Vegas, you made a wrong turn somewhere. Then again, this incident probably makes it worth at least checking out the action at a Las Vegas coffeehouse on any given night; you never know when someone might get Sparta’d.

via TheComicsComic