Comedian Kyle Kinane’s War Against Twitter Bots Was A Win For Humanity

(UPDATE: The whole thing was a hoax. NOTHING IS REAL.)

It’s someone’s job to reply to your tweet about Charmin Toilet Paper. “Just have to tell you..I may not be able to help myself from squeezing the @charmin,” you write, for some reason, before that oddly turd-free bear responds, “We are made for squeezin…. #tweetfromtheseat.” That is an actual conversation that actually happened between a human and a “human” who’s less blood and guts than blood and guts and RT IF YOU LUV #CHARMIN.

Over the weekend, Kyle Kinane decided to have some fun with Pace Foods, a company that invites its customers to “GRAB THE SOUTHWEST BY THE BOTTLE” and apparently responds to any tweet that mentions a Pace Foods product with an automatic “Favorite” on Twitter, a product such as the “number-one condiment in America,” salsa.

Kyle Kinane/humanity: 1; salsa/bots: 0.

UPDATE: it was a hoax. NOTHING IS REAL.

(Via Getty Images, via Storify)