A Prankster Infiltrated The Los Angeles Zoo And Posted A Slew Of Hilarious Animal Facts

Most people love going to the zoo, but if we’re honest, wandering from exhibit to exhibit can get a little boring (no matter how many endangered tigers or cuddly koala bears there are). Perhaps that’s why comedian Jeff Wysaski decided to spice things up a bit with his latest animal-inspired prank.

Wysaski visited the Los Angeles Zoo over the weekend and took the time to post some hilarious wildlife facts around.

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I left some fake animal facts at the L.A. Zoo

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Wysaski shared the facts on his Tumblr page, Facebook and Instagram for all to enjoy. We’d like to think the guy was just trying to help out the friendly zoo workers by giving them back lost time usually spent spewing boring facts about how much gorillas eat and the mating rituals of zebras. Who really cares about those actual facts anyway?

All kidding aside, it’s nice to see a positive story coming from someone’s zoo experience after the recent tragedies that have happened involving young children and wildlife at amusement parks. As our own Ariel Woodruff explains, zoos are an important part of our effort to conserve, protect, educate and study a variety of species in the animal kingdom. Anything the public can do to further that goal, even if it’s just drawing attention to a zoo with some pretty ridiculous prank posts, is a good thing.

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