Uproxx’s Top Twenty Comic Books For January 27th

01.27.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

The comics industry really kicks into gear today after a quiet January, with everything from boundary-pushing books to gleeful fun hitting the stands today. But what was in the top twenty?

1) Omega Men #8

From the start, Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda have explored what takes an otherwise rational person into terrorism with this series, and this brutal gut punch of an issue pays off those themes as we learn why Kyle Rayner — the White Lantern, the avatar of life — might join a terrorist cause and why he might genuinely believe that murder and assassination are the only option for him. It’s not subtle, but the issues this book wrestles with are complex and ugly, even through a space opera filter. Not just a great comic book, a genuinely thoughtful and important one.

2) Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #3

Mark Millar smartly focuses this book on a very real downside of superheroes: The ensuing arms race. As his Lex Luthor manqué puts it, you can’t just carry a gun, anymore, with Superman in town. You need a nuke. Millar actually lingers intelligently on this theme, pointing out that a superhuman can be seen as both a hero and an oppressor in some very grounded and funny ways. Chris Sprouse and Karl Story keep the art clean and Silver Age, and in all, it’s an intelligent take on the real consequences of superheroes.

3) Negative Space #3

Owen Gieni and Ryan Lindsay have, in the last two issues, revealed a vast world conspiracy run by goopy tentacle aliens that feed on depression, and the unlikely hero who will save us all. Think that description is weird? Wait until you read the actual comic! Lindsay’s inventive and hilariously gross at times art perfectly compliments Gieni’s script, which stays just on this side of coherent to make sense. Put it to you this way: Never has a story with the moral “think positive” been so outright disturbing, and it’s to Gieni and Lindsay’s credit that it’s funny instead of weird. A must-read.

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