10 Comic-Con 2012 Preview Night Exhibits That Made Perfect Sense (And 3 That Didn't)

Kurp and I are first timers to THE Comic-Con and we are here first and foremost to cover the TV shows we love and the films we’re anticipating, but we decided it was our duty (and arguably our privilege) to battle the mob on the Preview Night exhibit floors last night and capture some of the festivities.

The thing that most jumped out to me most during my indoctrination into Comic-Con, aside from the free swag riots, is just how willing and eager all the attendees are to participate in anything. ANYTHING. “What’s this line for?” asks one attendee to another over and over. Half the time the other attendee knows, the other half they’re just blindly basing their willingness to stand in line on a poster for something they’ve heard of and the fact that other people were already standing in line. As someone who suffers from mild agoraphobia this perplexes me.

But I get the mentality. For the most part. This is why they came to Comic-Con. EXPERIENCE. INTERACTION. SKIN-TO-SKIN CONTACT WITH R-PATZ. The majority of the cooler exhibits we photographed last night (many photos come courtesy of the lovely and charming Nadia Chaudhury) make sense to me from a pop culture standpoint, even if I know close to nothing about the current state of the comic book world and was born in the early 80’s. A few however, did not. So to help kick off our Comic-Con coverage, here’s a collection of exhibits that absolutely seemed worth waiting in line for (and a few that didn’t).

Getting your photo taken as one of Michone’s neck-shackled zombie prisoners totally makes sense, btw.

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This dude was 99% certain he was Tony Stark in this moment.

YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS (me in the free posters line).

The kids f’n love Lego Hulk. Smashes so many legos.

There was no three-boobed hooker riding shotgun but still pretty badass.

If you don’t have an affinity for Bartman my childhood has some choice words for you.

My Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy and I had a lot of good times together. A lot of good times.

I never heard what was in the schoolhouse, but I was intrigued by the truthiness of the stick.

For the purposes of this post, this Optimus Prime has never met Michael Bay.

No explanation necessary.

I still have no idea what the hell was going on here.

You know, cause Bronies.

The popularity of this exhibit will never ever make sense in any universe.