Comic-Con 2013: ‘Arrow’ Brings The Suicide Squad In Season Two

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07.20.13 18 Comments

UPDATE: The trailer has been posted, and we’ve got it at the end of the post.

Arrow was the subject of some highly entertaining liveblogs around here during its freshman season. And now we’ve got an idea of what’s coming for season two courtesy of the Comic-Con panel, and… oh to hell with it, we’re not beating around the bush. The Suicide Squad is finally coming to screens.

This was apparently a large enough hit that DC is going all in with the characters in this universe. Deadshot will be back, and yes, he’ll be bringing the entire freakin’ Suicide Squad. Apparently it’ll be the classic iteration, too, with Bronze Tiger being mentioned, and he’s played by Michael Jai White, which is pretty much the most perfect casting ever made. Brother Blood will also be making an appearance, which will probably consist of getting his ass kicked by the Suicide Squad.

To begin, Black Canary will be a main character this season, and of course it’s… not Laurel Lance at all, but an entirely new character. In fact, there’s going to be a lot of ass-kicking this season, as the season premiere is called “City of Heroes”, and apparently Diggle is going to be even more active than he already was. Which means Diggle Beating Ass is that much closer to reality. Come on, CW. You know you want it.

Also, Roy will apparently be getting the crap beaten out of him this season: Colton Haynes likened it to Roy being stuck on the island, except Manu Bennett probably will not be relentlessly and deservedly snarking him. Oh, and Thea will now be running the nightclub sitting over the Arrowcave.

OK, we’re done with the news. Now we need to start speculating about who will be cast in the Suicide Squad. Also to start a petition for a spin-off on HBO.

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