Comic-Con Bingo Lets Us Discuss Comic-Con Under The Guise Of Making Fun Of Nerds

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I can only think of two ways I’d attend Comic-Con: as Blake Lively’s date or if I could turn it into a drinking game, which Comic-Con Bingo by Comedy Central Insider pretty much does so I fully support it (I carry this flask around to drink whenever I see a really excited goth anyway). It’s as a clever way to bring up Comic-Con under the guise of making fun of nerds, which I appreciate, because — who’s kidding who? — this sucker is super relevant now and I imagine we’ll be mentioning it around here on more than one occasion in the near future (Update: I knew it!).

Full image, less hawt, after the jump, but I’d rank my top five in the following order:

5. Someone Who Clearly Grew a Mustache for Their Costume

4. A Grown Man Posing with Toys

3. Baby Darth Vader

2. A Booth Babe Texting

1. A 32 oz. Soda

I also have to think if you’re relying on a line to the women’s bathroom to get you a win you’re pretty much a dead man walking.

Source: Comedy Central Insider
Via: Laughing Squid

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