Thunderbolts Annual #1 And Other Comics Of Note, December 18th

Come on, like I’m going to tell you not to by a book that opens with Doctor Strange running around in a blue banana hammock and a cape, and just gets weirder from there. A full review, and looks at books from DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Valiant, and Image.

To start with, I’m not kidding. That photo up top is the first splash panel. And this annual just gets weirder from there.

Ben Acker and Ben Blacker’s script is pretty much what happens when you cut nerds loose on all the Marvel U’s best anti-heroes. The Thunderbolts, in this case, are Rulk, Elektra, Deadpool, the Punisher, Venom, and Red Leader. Doctor Strange is creating a slowly spreading bubble of happiness and joy that will envelop the entire world, so needless to say that $#!t needs to stop immediately. Mateo Lolli has a lot of fun with the idea, not to mention a gleefully and disturbingly perverse Doctor Strange.

This makes no aspirations to high art; it just wants to be ridiculous, goofy comics with beloved characters. And it succeeds admirably, while being funny as hell into the bargain. Even if you’re not a Thunderbolts fan, it’s a comic worth reading.

So, that’s one for the pull list… what else is good this week?

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Harley Quinn finally gets her own ongoing and it’s… well, it’s a bit muddled. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s script essentially has too much going on; the individual parts can be pretty funny, like the opening where Harley frees an adorable little dachshund (and mercilessly tortures the owner), but then Harley fakes being sane to get a therapist job… under her own name. And then she goes, in her costume, to audition for roller derby. And she lives in a sitcom-esque plot device in Coney Island.