The 'Community' Art Show Is Finally Here, And It's Streets Ahead

06.26.12 7 years ago

We’ve been looking forward to the Community art show “Six Seasons And A Movie” for awhile. We posted a backstory on the exhibition and 15 preview pictures from the show last month, like the Bobby Rubio illustration above depicting Annie and Britta just as we picture them. There’s also a documentary in production about the Community art show you can watch a promo for here.

Best of all, the show hosted by PixelDrop Gallery opened at Monk Space in Los Angeles last weekend, and we now have a much larger selection of fan art to show you. We’ve picked out our favorites from works by over 130 artists, including artists who have worked on Community before, like Rob Schrab, Megan Ganz, Jim Mahfood, and Myke Chilian.

Our 25 favorite pieces of Community art from “Six Seasons And A Movie” are collected below. Pictures were selected from the larger galleries available at ComingSoon, Wired, Pixel Drip Gallery, and Fro Design Co.


Artist: Alice X. Zhang


Artist: Megan Lara


Artist: Megan Lara


Artist: Ben DeGuzman



Artist: Mason Phillips


Artist: Stuart Down (@Studown)


Artist: Winter Artwork



Artist: Mike Horowitz


Artist: Glen Brogan



Artist: Megan Lara


Artist: Joe Palumbo


Artist: Matt Greenholt


Artist: Castlepop


Artist: Craig Ashforth


Artist: Craig Ashforth


Artist: Ben DeGuzman



Artist: Fro Design Co


Artist: Heather M. Morris


Artist: Ben DeGuzman

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