Six Seasons And A Meth Lab: ‘Community’ Meets ‘Breaking Bad’ Mashup Is Streets Ahead With Chemistry

We’ve cooled on TV mashup Tumblrs over the last six months or so. They were fun fad that became a little too ordinary.  You know, like designer drugs or threeways (just me?).

But on the same day Dustin delivered the disheartening news that NBC is no longer interested in making great television like Community it only seems appropriate that I attempt to lighten everyone’s spirits by introducing a new mashup of (arguably) network television’s greatest comedy and (arguably) cable’s greatest drama. The chemistry is just so beautiful.

Sit back and enjoy Abed as Walt and Jesse as Troy and Gus as Jeff from the best of what — at the moment — seems to be my favorite television mashup Tumblr I’ve had the pleasure of covering: Six Seasons and a Meth Lab.