‘Community’ Credits, ‘Parks & Rec’ Style

As our friends at Pajiba keep depressingly reminding us, the Community exit countdown is upon us and all we can do as one unified internet is petition, celebrate the little things, and vote in TV Guide polls (?). Thankfully there are talented, resourceful, and creative fans among us fully prepared to keep on celebrating. YouTuber JamesMontalbano has just offered up this Parks & Rec-style Community credits that sounds great in theory and manages to deliver on sounding great in theory, unlike my plan to transition to light mayo.

The current Community credits are fine, quick and simple and allow for as much actual show as possible, but there’s no denying that Parks’ credits are masterfully done and could make Whitney look highly watchable. Bummer Jim Rash/Dean Pelton — who made the season 3 opening credits — didn’t make the cut, but I’ll give it a pass for managing to work in chicken fingers and Annie’s Boobs.

YouTube via Pleated-Jeans