'Community' Intro Done In 'Law and Order' Style Is Streets Ahead


Community returns from hiatus this Thursday, so Tauntr put together a mashup of Community and NBC’s longtime meal-ticket show, Law & Order, which is particularly fitting since an upcoming episode of Community is going to pay homage to the straight-from-the-headlines procedural. TVLine reports the episode, called “Basic Lupine Urology,” will follow the Greendale 7 as they investigate who sabotaged their science experiment. Annie (Alison Brie) will act as prosecutor, and Professor Kane (Michael K. Williams) will be the judge. Oh, indeed.

Now we also await when Law and Order: SUV does a ripped-from-the-headlines episode about our stalking admiration of Alison Brie…

So we followed her around taking pictures. Like you wouldn’t, Detective Stabler.