Community’s Doctor Who Spoof “Inspector Spacetime” Makes An Awesome Meme

It was only a week ago that “Community” referenced “Doctor Who” in the clip above where Abed sees an episode of “Inspector Spacetime” for the first time and immediately declares it the best show he’s ever seen in his entire life. “Doctor Who” fans can relate.
The short reference has already spawned several fan art creations, its own dedicated Tumblr, and a ridiculously-thorough TV Tropes page for this show which totally exists please please let it be real. “Community” show creator Dan Harmon has even weighed in to point out “Doctor Who” totally ripped off The Inspector:

OH NO HE DINNIT!  Anyway, we’ve collected some of our favorite topsy-turvy, spacey-tacey “Inspector Spacetime” image macros after the jump, but there’s always room for one more.
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