Conan Dons Bruce Lee’s Yellow Jumpsuit And Has His Butt Kicked By Some Martial Arts Experts

Conan has taken many licks from Steven Ho over the years, but Thursday’s show might’ve brought the funniest segment they’ve shared up to this point. It’s all in honor of Bruce Lee and his status in the martial arts community, meaning we get to see Conan wear the classic Game Of Death jumpsuit and bounce around like a gangly man-lobster. Ho tells Conan that the main aspect of Lee’s work was the idea of being able to move like water, something that the host seems to take to heart as he prances around and tries to kick above the waist.

It’s a fine combo of physical humor and self-deprecation that comes together and decides to pummel the host with kick pads and Hulk hands. He’s at his best, even if he is “killing the Bruce Lee brand” throughout the entire segment. Plus he even gets to show off a few of the skills he learned while visiting South Korea, busting out his own one-inch punch to break a totally authentic board in half.

We’d still take a remote segment or Jordan Schlansky adventure, but it’s never a bad time when Conan gets physical on the show. Bruce Lee might be rolling in his grave, but it could be from laughter. There’s a slight hope.

(Via Team Coco)