Conan O’Brien’s The Flaming C Gets A Trailer And Art Exhibit

Conan O’Brien and Bruce Timm crashed Warner Bros. Animation’s panel for Green Lantern: The Animated Series at SDCC last weekend to talk about The Flaming C.  During their unannounced appearance they aired a trailer forThe Flaming C, described as an animated motion picture “from the creators of Batman: The Animated Series and The Masturbating Bear.”  That’s a quality provenance right there.

Unfortunately, the trailer ends with “Coming sometime . . . maybe” and O’Brien told the Comic-Con audience “We had a budget of about $26 million, and we spent it all on this trailer.”  Oh well, we still have the Young Justice clips (both of them), the Thor parody, and the action figure.  That action figure was also on display this weekend in San Diego at “The Museum of Conan Art”, which is my new favorite museum. We’ve got a few pictures from the museum after the jump along with video of The Flaming C defending the weak, punishing the wicked, and quoting Mystery Men (and he’s good at it).

Pencils and inks by Paper Lab Studios. Colors and Design by Manny Cartoon. Photo by Chris Murphy.

Made by Tony Esteves.  Photo by Chris Murphy.

Made by Michael Shae.  Photo by Chris Murphy.

Several more pictures available at ComicsAlliance.