Conan Show Redesigns DC’s Superheroines

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12.20.10 6 Comments

Last week Conan O’Brien interviewed the Creative Director of Warner Brothers Animation, Peter Gerardi, about Bernard to pitch “design improvements” for the ladies of DC.  Here there be boobs.

If you’ve been a fan of Conan’s shows for a while, you probably already familiar with Bernard, a graphic designer for Conan as well as his old gigs at Late Night and The Tonight Show. He’s also a pretty big comics fan, as evidenced by the “Recliner of Rage” segments he starred in on Late Night that saw him, and I quote, “furious” over Marvel’s decision to cancel their line of paperback novels about the X-Men and the problems with the Justice League Unlimited action figures. [ComicsAlliance]

So the guy has comic nerd cred, but he also has a perverted streak Conan didn’t seem to know about prior to this segment. Although I will admit, the third redesign is beyond awesome. That one needs to happen.

[Inset pic photoshopped by a.seivewright.]

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