Conan Unveils The Hilarious Extended Cut Of Bob Dylan’s Controversial Super Bowl Commercial

You may have missed it considering it came during the third quarter of the Super Bowl and most people had already switched over to watching porn, but Bob Dylan starred in a Chrysler ad. It didn’t sit well with a lot of folks that Dylan, a counter-culture icon, would lend himself to shilling for a car company.

Others came to his defense with some of the most foolish articles I’ve ever read. The Vulture article by Jody Rosen was particularly unsettling, calling the Dylan ad a protest. The conclusion is that Dylan is just being Dylan and if you think otherwise, you just don’t get the genius that is Bob Dylan. He’s fighting for America alongside Chrysler and don’t you dare bring up unions or Fiat, you scumbag.

For those that missed it, Conan has the full version that goes into more depth than the original. Alongside German beer and Swiss watches we now have Indian telemarketing, Canadian dental floss and Japanese animated torture porn. Meanwhile, Huey Lewis desperately tries to sell himself on a street corner for a pack of smokes.

Nah, that’s mean. I actually like Huey Lewis. I like some Bob Dylan too, so I’ll just pretend this was some old woman selling cars. Six packs a day will do that a lady’s voice.

(Via Team Coco)