Conan's Celebrity 'Why Would You Tweet That?' Bit Killed Last Night

So that was a pretty eventful Conan last night, huh? First Ron Burgandy dropped by to announce that the Anchorman sequel we all thought was as good as dead IS ON, then Dana Carvey announced Wayne’s World 3 is happening (hint: “asphinctersayswhat”) and did his Dana Carvey thing that doesn’t wear too thin over a talk show chat, and then I guess Blossom was there for some reason. But in between the celebrities and Blossom, Conan worked in this tremendous “Why Would You Tweet That?” bit, borrowing from “Lemme Tweet That For You” and creating a bunch of fake celebrity tweets that I enjoyed a little too much (looking at you, Steven Tyler).

I’ve liked Conan’s TBS show since it’s inception because I love Conan, but it’s finally starting to feel like things are rounding into old Late Night form (miniature sets!). Clip after the jump, followed by all the fake tweet screengrabs for those of you who are video challenged at work. Joan Rivers is always too easy a target but being sandwiched by Santorum and Disney (I wish literally) I almost didn’t even notice.

Source: Team Coco